Monday, Feb. 9 is National Clean Out Your Computer Day. It's celebrated on the second Monday of February each year. I think I'd rather climb Mount Everest. 

Computers nowadays have so much memory there is no reason to limit yourself as you go along. I take a lot of pictures. And I am not a good photographer. So I have to take even more, hoping to find a couple of good ones. Then I don't go back and delete the bad ones right away. Or ever. My download folder is packed with stuff that I can't even identify. My son has downloaded some programs over time that he has outgrown.

I keep the history of Owatonna and area sports on my computer, too. So today is a good reminder to back up the information you don't want to lose. Some of those "cloud" services can come in handy for that. Mobile storage is so small I'm hoping I don't lose the flash drives that I put all my notes on.

Email is another monster to tackle. I find myself saving emails when I believe that I will need to refer back to them. And I do frequently go back, though finding that one email I'm looking for can prove elusive. I ask myself, "Did I save that one?" "Did I put in that folder or that other folder?" "Or did I leave it on the main page for easier access?"

I know that cleaning up my computer and email of old and unused files is important. But I don't feel like I've really done anything. The computer doesn't look all that much different and that stack of old mail on the desk is still untouched. Even dusting the house gives me the feeling something looks different; a little bit anyway.

I did throw out some old floppy disks this weekend. I suppose that is a step forward.