Okay, let's see a show of hands if you're enjoying this wonderful weather.


That's what I thought, except for last Sunday, when we all went outside to play in the snow, this cold weather hasn't been much fun at all.

With this subzero weather, most of us are trapped inside with their kids, or in my case my grandkids. We've already played all the simple board games that still have all the game pieces and had to resort to using Peppa Pig figures to play Candyland. I always get stuck in the Molasses Swamp and the kids end up winning.

It never fails to amaze the little ones when you boil a pan of water and step outside and toss it into the air and watch it vaporize as it turns into water crystals. Please make sure they're watching out the window so no one gets hurt. You could blow up a balloon and take it out into the cold and watch it slowly collapse, then bring it back in and watch it re-expand. There's always a bottle of those party bubbles around the house, so grab that and head outside with the kids and let them blow bubbles and watch them freeze. Here's a fun and tasty thing to do. Coat a clean snowball with some of that Chocolate Magic Shell usually used on ice cream, leave it outside to freeze, then bring it in and let the snowball melt, viola, you've got a delicious chocolate globe treat. And finally leave a frying pan out in the subzero temps for about a half hour then crack an egg into it and watch it freeze into something that resembles breakfast but a little translucent.

Hopefully you enjoyed some these fun things to do in this bitterly cold weather. If you've got any other outdoor fun things to amaze and astound small children please feel free to drop me a line at: mike.eiler@townsquaremedia.com.