My nephew Tyler out in Wyoming hunts, and then he hunts some more, and then follows it up with more hunting. When he needs a break from hunting, he fishes, and then fishes, and then fishes some more. In other words he's a complete outdoorsman. The poor fellow is stuck with an Uncle Loren who's never shot a gun.

Recently he picked up this deer head to hang in his home. I suppose if you shot it yourself it would be a reminder of a great accomplishment. I'm not sure why people buy antlers and deer heads and hang them in their homes. Tyler is a newlywed and apparently his wife either has a sense of humor or she decided to subtly(?) protest. I actually like what she's done. It's a true conversation piece. The guys that walk into the home can admire the deer and the gals can go goo goo over the jewelry. Odd balls like me simply think it's creative and neat. What do you think? A buck adorned in female jewelry. Actually this is probably becoming the norm in big cities, men adorned in female attire.


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