I am part of the male species that suffers from a strange affliction. There is no known name for it but involves the inability to throw anything away. It's gotten to the point that my wife bags up my ragged old farm clothes and deposits them in her mother's trash, because she knows that if she didn't I'd dig through the bag and find at least one article of clothing that I thought still suitable to wear.

I make attempts to clean my playhouse, and usually after a period of time I wind up throwing out perhaps one cleaning rag or a slip of paper. My playhouse, which is a remodeled granary, is my haven for sorting and reminiscing.

Let's take a look at a few things I pulled out this week. They happen to all be automotive related.

  • 1

    Essex Gas Cap

    There is some type of Essex cap. I'm guessing it's for the gas tank. It's probably a 1927-29 model.

    I wonder what I plan on doing with a 1929 Essex gas cap?
  • 2

    Tank Heater

    I really doubt I'll ever need a '69 Chrysler tank heater. I guess I keep it because I also have the original box and instructions.

    Loren Townsquaremedia
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    Overland Head Light

    Pretty remarkable that this isn't broken. It's a headlight lens for an Overland car. They were made between 1903-13.

    This is over a hundred years old. I guess I keep it because it isn't broken or cracked.
  • 4

    Essex Brake Light

    I think this is really cool. It's an Essex brake light. Note the word "Stop" on it.

    Cool color.
  • 5

    Plymouth Literature

    I like this because I enjoy any type of old paper. I doubt there were very many 1936 Plymouth Delivery Vans made.

    Delivery Van. Loren Townsquaremedia