After the playoff committee of the NCAA decided who the four best teams in the country are Alabama, Oregon, Florida State and Ohio State then came the business of slotting the top ranked teams into the bowls. Minnesota gets to play in a major bowl game on New Years Day.  The Citrus Bowl in Orlando, Florida and their opponent is the Missouri Tigers.  After winter started early this year I am seriously considering taking a few days to go see the game and I would think fellow Minnesotans and folks from Missouri would LOVE to go somewhere warm for a few days or a week or two and break up this winter. The University of Minnesota Alumni Association always has packages they put together for the bowl games.  I've gone on a few with them and they do a good job of organizing the trip and getting transportation from airport to hotel and to game from hotel and airport from hotel so you don't have to worry about that stuff and can just have fun.  However I'm probably going to book my own trip this time because I don't want to stay past New Year's Day.