Nearly 8,000 birds were counted during the annual Christmas bird count in Owatonna. Two new species were spotted!

"We did see two new species that we had never seen before."

-Darryl Hill

  • 7,983 individual birds were counted (3rd highest number in their 42 years)
  • 47 different species seen in 2013
  • 104 species have been seen over the years
  • 75 people counted birds (including 60 at home feeders)
  • 11 first time counters
  • 35-Year Anniversary: Terry Dorsey
  • 25-Year Anniversary: Gary Schwartz
  • Special Thanks to the Owatonna Izaak Walton League for sponsoring event

New Species:

Cackling goose:  25 found swimming at Lake Kohlmier along side Canada Geese

Fox sparrow: one was seen at a home feeder

"We continue to see more hawks than we used to."


 Rough-legged Hawk

Red-tailed hawk