The Steele County Sheriff's office will once again be offering free Child I.D. kits during the Steele County Free Fair. At least several times each fair we hear over the loudspeaker that there's a child looking for his or her parents.

The kit includes a photo of your child and other pertinent information such as height, weight or some other distinguishing characteristics. Fingerprints of your child also will be taken.

Those attending the Steele County Fair with little ones are encouraged to stop by the Sheriff's Office inside the Muckle Building and pick up an I.D. tag that can be attached to your child before heading off to the fairgrounds. Another important thing to remember is to perhaps write down what your child is wearing that day to the fair. It's easy to forget what your child is wearing on any particular day.

If your child should become lost, he or she will be taken to the sheriff's office in the Muckle Building until the parent or guardian can be located.

Make it a safe visit to this year's Steele County Free Fair, Aug. 18-23.