I had heard on the news that the full moon right now appears about 14 percent larger than usual. Because of the moon's elliptical orbit, its distance from the Earth changes. At this point in the orbit, the moon is only 217,000 miles from Earth. This is as close as the moon gets to Earth. At this point it is referred to as a Supermoon. I did not think of that news report I had heard until Sunday evening when I was out at the farm at dusk. Then I noticed the moon and how close and large it was.

When I was gazing at the moon, it occurred to me how amazing it was that the United States put men on the moon, many times. Even more amazing was that it was in the late 1960s and 1970s. Engineers at NASA not only had to figure out how to develop rocket and life support systems but also how to intercept the moon. The moon and the Earth are moving, so they had to figure out where the moon was going to be in a couple of days, not where it was when the ship left Earth's orbit. I am proud that there is an American flag on the moon!