National Yo-Yo Day is Saturday, June 6. The date celebrates that childhood favorite, the yo-yo, and is the birthday of Donald Duncan Sr. Duncan was an entrepreneur who got into the yo-yo business in 1930 and created the "Duncan Yo-Yo." His company became synonymous with yo-yos, so much so that Duncan claimed a trademark on the term "yo-yo," according to The courts ruled against him and yo-yo became a generic term. The Duncan company still manufactures yo-yos, although most are now made from metal or plastic instead of wood.

To get back into the spirit of childhood, the KRFO and Kat Kountry 105 staff dusted off their yo-yo skills and gave it a go. Many found themselves to be beyond rusty, but one or two still had a little spin left in their wrists.

Check out our video below, then dig out your yo-yo and see if you still have what it takes to walk the dog or go around the world!