The CD release of Curtis and Loretta's "When There's Good to Be Done" will take place Saturday, November 21, at the Owatonna Arts Center. The concert at 2PM will feature 12 songs written by Loretta Simonet about real-life people who overcame great odds in their lives. Two of the people's lives that Loretta wrote about were former State School Orphanage kids, Havey Ronglien and Peter Razor.

It all started when Loretta was awarded an Artist Initiative Grant from the Minnesota State Arts Board earlier this year. Some of the other people that Curtis and Loretta sing about include a native of Somalia who is today a nurse at the Mayo Clinic, a World War II veteran who survived the German death march, a lady in Florida who donated a kidney to a stranger from Minnesota and other songs.

The Owatonna Arts Center and the Minnesota State public School Museum Board will host a reception following the performance and Cottage 11 will be open to visitors before and after the program.

Admission is a suggested $5 donation, which Curtis and Loretta will donate back to the  Art Center and Orphanage Museum.

You can learn and hear more from Curtis and Loretta on their website.

Curtis and Loretta were guests on AM 1390's Talk of the Town.