Singer/songwriter on the rise Cam has made quite an impact in country music already with her raw, skillfully crafted tune “Burning House,” and now she’s got the plaque to prove it. The artist recently received an official RIAA Platinum certification for the song, signifying sales of a million units.

Cam performed “Burning House” on the Today Show Dec. 15 and received a surprise presentation of the plaque during the program. She is the only female country artist this year to earn a Platinum single from a major-label debut album released in 2015.

“Burning House” also earned Cam a Grammy nomination for the upcoming 2016 awards in the Best Country Solo Performance category, which the artist says she found out via text messages. It’s since risen to No. 4 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, and was named to the No. 1 slot in Rolling Stone Country’s Best Country Songs of 2015 list. Her debut full-length album, Untamed, was released Dec. 11, following her critically-acclaimed EP, Cam Country. Each song on the album was co-written by Cam, who built up a career writing songs for artists like Miley Cyrus before stepping into the spotlight herself.

“That internal dialogue that has a lot of ups and downs and darks and lights and stuff — that I think is where music comes from,” she says of the honest tunes on her new album. “I think the face that you put on when you’re talking to people and making small talk, I don’t think that’s where music comes from.”

Cam’s songs may not be the peppy, upbeat tunes you’d expect from the curly-haired blonde always wearing a big smile, but she says facing the hard lessons in life head-on is the best way to do it.

“Not all of them were fun things to learn,” she says. “I think life gives you lemons and the thing that I’m working on doing is not watering it down, not putting sugar in it. Just drink it straight. The more you can take life head on … it’s gonna make you a better person and then you have nothing left to be afraid of. And what an awesome way to live.”

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