Feet are Burkhartzmeyers Specialty


I’m very honored to have Burkhartzmeyer Shoes sponsor my posts

I’ll do my best to make them respectful and not roasts


For you see it was Al Burkhartzmeyer, who many years ago

Made me feel welcome shortly after arriving in Faribault


I was simply walking down Central Avenue one summer day

When Al walked up to me and with that smile of his did say


I enjoy listening to your news in the morning keep up the good job

That was in 1987 and I’ve never forgotten, see it didn’t take a mob


Just one person’s kindness is remembered all these years later

A simple smile and simple sentence, not an ego inflater


I don’t know how many pairs of shoes I’ve purchased from their store

I know Lord willing, I’ll purchase many more


Not just because of Al’s kindness, but because they know how to treat people

When you enter Burkhartzmeyers you are the Altar in the Steeple


By that I mean you get all their attention and they genuinely care

You aren’t just a sale to them you are a friend, a breath of fresh air


It is my belief that is the key to the success of Burkhartmeyers Shoes

The fitting chairs in their store are their pews


It wasn’t too long ago I stopped by and count it as good luck

In the store, was Mr. foot, Buck


He gave me something to relieve pain I was feeling on my little toe

We had a nice chat about feet before I did go


He’s right these are the only feet God gave me

Just think of the pounding they take, it’s crazy


I can’t even fathom the number of steps I’ve taken since learning how to walk

Burkhartzmeyers isn’t just a shoe store, they’ll work closely with your foot doc


I’ll never forget the time Jim Klobuchar was a guest on an AM Minnesota show

He was talking about his latest book and he said, Gordy, did you know


I talk about Burkhartzmeyers Shoes because I’m sad to see

More and more of these locally owned stores are ceasing to be


Burkhartzmeyer Shoes got it’s start as a repair shop in the late 1930’s

Ferdie and Martha started that up and not with a lot of ease


Remember the late 30’s was the tail end of the Great Depression

Eventually their attention to detail would become an obsession


Sons Alvin, Walter and Donald would join after serving in World War Two

And expand into a full-line shoe store, they were quite a crew


The first thirty years they had a couple of different locations downtown

Before in 1969 moving to their present location and becoming renowned


Professional athletes and politicians alike have stepped inside their doors

Just like you and me they are treated with kindness and respect, the motto to their core


The golden rule, treat others as you would like to be treated

Embrace that and more often then not you will be undefeated


Recently they celebrated 65 years of service to millions of feet

Yes in business long before there was such a thing as a tweet


Believe me, the service at Burkhartzmeyers can’t be beat

So stop by and take a seat, it’ll be a favor for your feet