The Owatonna Police Department is currently investigating several residential burglaries that have been reported in the city of Owatonna.

Since October 22, five burglaries or attempted burglaries have occurred - three in the area of Manthey Park and two in the general vicinity of South Oak Avenue and School Street. The incidents have taken place at both occupied and unoccupied homes. At least two have occurred during the nighttime hours, while the exact time of the others cannot be determined.

The unknown suspect(s) appear to be targeting personal electronics, alcohol, cash/change and gift cards. These cases may also be related to several theft from vehicle reports taken throughout Owatonna.

The Owatonna Police Department offers these tips:

  • Please be alert to suspicious activity and don't hesitate to call 911 to report it. This includes strangers walking or loitering around your neighborhood, apparent juveniles out after curfew, vehicles you don't recognize circling your neighborhood.
  • Record descriptions of suspicious people and/or vehicles and obtain license plate numbers when possible.
  • Remember to lock all doors when you are away from your home and during the nighttime hours, including patio, overhead garage doors and garage access doors. Also remember to lock your vehicle and remove keys and valuable property from inside your vehicle.

These incidents are under investigation by the Owatonna Police Department. Anyone with information related to these incidents is requested to contact Detective Sergeant Jason Petterson at 507-774-7207.