I know this is Twins Territory, but I found it interesting that the Milwaukee Brewers would hire such a young man for such a big job. David Stearns, 30, has been hired to be their general manager. Perhaps he'll bring an enthusiasm and a think-outside-the-box kind of style. However, he is just 30. Can he relate to much older people who are his subordinates?

Let's say Joe Blow age 64 and a 30-year major league scout gives Stearns a call.:

"Dave, I got a guy down here we should be interested in. A pitcher with a knuckle curve that I swear is better than Hooten's."

"Better than who?"

"No, not who, Hooten. Burt Hooten, who pitched for the Cubs and Dodgers. What were you thinking Dave?"


"Oh? You're kidding. Sadaharu Oh had his day when he hit over 800 homers in Japan but he's probably 75. Way too old to help. Tell you what, I'll send a report. But before I go there's one more pitcher I think we should look into further. He's got a real high leg kick like Palmer had. You do know Palmer, right?"

"Sure Joe, Palmer's got a drink named after him. I think it has tea in it and I've seen him in those blood-thinning commercials."

"No, no, no. That's Arnold Palmer, young fellow. I meant Jim Palmer. You've seen pictures of him in his underwear."

"Hey now, let's not go there. Who told you? I was a confused kid in high school. I found the real me in college. I don't look at stuff like that anymore."

"Wait a minute there Dave, Jim Palmer was a Cy Young winner. He modeled for Jockey Underwear. He was in all those sports magazines. Tell you what, I'll just file a report, Dave. Say what is your last name by the way?"


"You're David Stern? How did you get this ... oh never mind. Say off the subject, what do you think of that Andrew Wiggins kid with the Wolves?"

"Wiggins? Wolves? What are you talking about?"

"Basketball, Dave."

"Well I don't know any thing about basketball."

"A ha, I thought so. Guess mama was right. It's not what you know, it's who you know. Either way I look forward to working with you, young fellow. I think I can teach you a thing or two."