Bluebird Cakery in Faribault starts a kickstarter campaign for a retail store. According to their press release, starting in October there will be a new storefront in downtown Faribault. Bluebird Cakery will be hatching a new plan to continue serving Faribault customers after the farmers market ends. After starting at the Faribault Farmers Market, Bluebird Cakery grew so quickly that owner Kelsy Wittmeier began renting commercial kitchen space from other Faribault restaurants.

Wittmeier has been creating wedding cakes and cupcakes for more than a year and started baking when she was 16. “I always loved baking and creating new flavors,” Wittmeier said.

In June, Wittmeier started looking for a nest for Bluebird Cakery. After exploring many options, she decided to spread her wings at 318 Central Ave., Suite 1, Faribault. She will build her own commercial kitchen and has already added four employees to her staff. “Renting a kitchen has been good but we have just ran out of space," she said. "We need coolers to keep our custom wedding and birthday cakes as well as the cupcakes. Plus, we need the space so that all five of us can work at once and fill orders.”

To help with the start-up costs of developing a retail space and a commercial kitchen, Wittmeier has kicked off a Kickstarter campaign. There, people can decide on a contribution and receive the reward for that level. “I chose to start in Faribault because I love the people, have made such great friends and the community has been so welcoming. Now, I am just looking for a little help in creating a space where I can welcome the community on a daily basis.” Wittmeier pointed out that she is only raising the bare minimum to get started and will rely on sales to keep the business going. Also, with a Kickstarter campaign, it is an all or nothing program. So, if the entire amount is not raised, she receives none of the money, so she made sure to only ask for what was needed. “I wanted to make it fun and beneficial so at one contribution level you will get a product saying, ‘I helped hatch Bluebird Cakery.’ And, another contribution allows you to have a cupcake party for you and your friends or at your place of business.”

Click here to find Bluebird Cakery's Kickstarter campaign.