Have you seen barn quilts? They are a big square piece of wood, usually 8 feet, painted like a block from a quilt, and well, hung on barns. But to tell the truth, they are not always hanging on barns.

There might be smaller versions for the outside of homes or maybe a shed or garage. Then possibly even smaller for inside the home.

They have become popular again. Minnesota has four counties that offer Quilt Barn Trail tours. That would be a cool day trip. There would be so much variety, just like quilts.

I have been to a local auction where someone did have a small barn quilt. She said there was a mistake, but I didn't find it. I didn't really look either. It was pretty cool.

I don't know if I would take that up, painting barn quilts, but I think taking a class or two would be cool.

Happy painting. Happy sewing.

Just two eggs to find.