It's not cool to be a clown this year. In our family it's never been the costume of choice. My kids' choices have included a smiling green ogre and a dirty laundry basket.

Due to the creepy clown scares across the country, it might be difficult to find a clown mask. While I don't remember many clowns stopping by our house over the years, I expect some of the older kids to dress up as clowns this year to show their rebellious side.

My kids have stuck with the mainstream some years. Cynthia has gone out as Harry Potter. Aaron has donned a Spider-Man costume and channeled The Force, complete with light saber. Other years they have found some creative concepts. Cynthia once went out on Halloween as a movie theater floor. She wore a garbage bag and attached candy boxes to it. Aaron cut out of the bottom of a laundry basket and wore it around his waist filled with clothes. That's one way to clean your room.

I enjoy handing out candy on Halloween and trying to figure out the more obscure costumes. I also like the current pop culture efforts. While I am not looking forward to Pokemon characters, I do hope to see El or Hopper from the Stranger Things TV series.