There will be a number of Easter egg hunts in the area for youngsters on Saturday, March 26.

The Blooming Prairie Women of Today will have their eighth annual Easter Egg Hunt starting at 11AM in the Blooming Prairie City Park. It's open to kids 10 and younger. There will be candy and prizes as well.

The Owatonna Christian Family church just south of Cabela's will have theirs at 10:30AM for children ages 2-12. Other attractions will include pony rides, a petting zoo and the Easter Bunny.

There will also be an Easter egg hunt at Shattuck-St Mary's School in Faribault this Saturday starting at 10:30AM. This is open to children ages 1-11. Attendees are asked to bring along a food item for the Faribault Food Shelf.

Approximately 35,000 kids are expected to attend the Easter egg roll at the White House on Monday, March 28. The first White House Easter egg roll was held in 1878 when Rutherford B. Hayes was in office.

I got to thinking, and I wonder if I am unique in that I never took part in an Easter egg hunt as a child. It's understandable growing up on the farm. Dad isn't going to stop chores just to drive the kids into town to look for eggs. It was a lot easier to just toss some candy in a basket and give it to the kids. I got my first bike on Easter. My retired grandfather spent his leisure scouting through the local dump down the road and bringing things back to life for his grandkids. He found an old scooter and somehow made it into a little bike for me. I didn't really care for it and probably never even rode it. It did get my little mind thinking though. How in the world could the Easter Bunny hop all over the world with bags of candy and still manage to carry along a bike. A light went off and I confronted my mother. She fessed up. I had solved a mystery and of course began to wonder how that Santa guy did it as well. My age of innocence was beginning to end.

Happy Easter.