Sunday the Vikings take on the Lions in a big match-up. I have missed the last couple of opportunities to watch the games, but this Sunday I am going to watch. And to go with the game, of course some good things to eat. What's your favorite thing?

According to Food Network, the appropriate things to eat for a Vikings vs. Detroit Game, might be the Jucy Lucy burger (yes jucy is spelt correctly here). That's, of course, the burger that is just oozing with cheese. And Detroit Fans are apparently big on Coney Island Hot Dogs.

We usually go for many of the standards. Nachos, wings, pizza, maybe some burgers depending upon the time of day that kickoff is. But there will be something edible, some beverages, purple shirts and hats and maybe some frustrations over blown plays or kicks, but a good time will be had, for that football Sunday this weekend.

Skol! And go Vikings!

Triple Tri, Flickr