A railroad company recently conducted a survey in an attempt to develop a profile of the perfect couple. It ties in with their promotion of traveling together with your partner and the rail company offers a discount to pairs. Here's some of the findings ... I'll just post a few of them and see how your relationship is.

Admit you're wrong after an argument. Well, that's a no-brainer. I've found that looking at the floor and drawing circles with your foot while admitting you're wrong adds to the sincerity factor.

Another finding includes kissing five times a day and cuddling five times a day. That's seems kind of high, doesn't it? I say that because another factor is having both couples holding down full-time jobs. When do you find the time to kiss and cuddle five times in a day? You'd almost have to work in the same factory or business and then it would depend on how lenient your supervisor is. It could be done if you're a farmer, you could just agree to meet in the field five times a day for a kiss and a cuddle I suppose, otherwise I'm not sure where you'd find the time. The survey also says whoopee twice a week. Well if you're gonna kiss five times a day and cuddle five times a day, I suspect that whoopee number is a little low. You'd probably never get any work done either.

Another finding shows a three-and-a-half-year gap in age being the ideal age for a perfect relationship.

Saying "I love you" before you go to sleep also aids in developing the perfect relationship. That would be a tough one for me. I get up at 3:30 a.m. and my wife works nights. I suppose I could still say it though, but only the cat would hear me and I really don't want to put any ideas in its head because it already climbs all over and bothers me when I try to get to sleep.

In a nutshell, the other factors they found include date nights, taking turns cooking and mutual hobbies.

Sharing the household chores also helps in building the perfect relationship. A woman once told me that her biggest turn-on is a married man using a vacuum.

Here's one I know I can do and probably many other fellows ... sharing the same taste in food. I'll eat anything.