I was digging through some old papers and came across this "Tractor Farming" publication. It was put out by International Harvester and touted the benefits of owning a tractor. Of course the tractor should be an International Harvester product. This picture comes from January 1923, so it was probably taken in the summer 1922. I noticed Cannon Falls, Minnesota, and thought I'd throw it up on the web page and see if there were any descendants still around. The article states that Mr. Lewis also had an IH truck and I suspect that's the one in the photo. It would be kind of neat to find a 90-plus-year-old picture of your ancestor in a national publication. I'm not sure how long IH put out "Tractor Farming," but I had several from 1947 and 1948, so they put this publication out for quite a few years.

A 1922 photo of Charles Lewis of Cannon Falls in the Tractor Farming magazine. Loren's picture

My dad's second tractor, and by far his favorite, was a 1940 Farmall H he bought in 1958 for I believe $600. He had it overhauled many a time, and toward the end, we'd have to remove the shifting stick and then use a screwdriver to slide the gears in and out. It was a pain, but it wasn't that bad because after all it was his favorite. After I left the farm, my mother decided she'd try to learn how to drive tractor. She drove it right up the front of an old corn binder sitting in the shed. That was it. Off she got and she never tried again. My dad sold his "baby" after retirement.

If by some chance a descendant of this Charles Lewis is still around, contact the radio station at (507) 451-2250 and I'll get this publication to them as I have no use for it.