I have to admit when the whole Adrian Peterson not wanting to play in Minnesota anymore first surfaced I said, "get rid of the bum." Now my opinion is different.

I'm tired of listening to Peterson and his agent whine about Minnesota not showing Peterson enough love. Are you guys really that clueless? Peterson is charged with abusing his son. The Vikings were going to play him despite those charges when some of their sponsors stepped up and said we are pulling our support of the product if he plays. The team decided to sit Peterson and then the NFL commissioner got involved and ordered Peterson to be placed on a special list that doesn't allow him to even show his face around the team, let alone play. What were the VIkings supposed to do?

Adrian, your team supported you more than once while you were going to court, not showing any remorse for what you did, trying to justify your behavior by saying it was how you were brought up. Your teammates also voiced support while you were gone. I don't know what else they could do.

You are under contract to play for Minnesota through the 2017 season. You signed that contract in 2011: eight years. $100 million, with $20.25 million fully guaranteed and a $12 million signing bonus. I don't think you had any problem depositing your checks from the Vikings while you couldn't play last season ($11.75 million). The Vikings kept up their end of the deal and paid you even though you couldn't benefit the team. Now you need to fulfill your end of the deal by playing for the team. The Minnesota Vikings didn't bench you. The league did, and, more importantly, your actions did. If you tell the court and the commissioner you are sincerely sorry for what you did the outcome may be different.

If you put me in charge of the Vikings, I wouldn't cave in to your demands. If you are willing to sit for another year at the age of 30, fine. I wouldn't trade you. If you and your agent can't understand why Minnesota would want to get some production out of a player they paid all of last season while getting none, then you are both living in a different world. I would say play and get paid ($12.75 million in 2015, $14.75 million in 2016 and $16.75 million in 2017) or sit home and don't. After a year of sitting I might be willing to entertain the idea of you buying out the remainder of your contract if you're still adamant about not playing in Minnesota.

I don't know if former Dodger great Steve Garvey was the first to say this, but he was asked the difference between the players of his era and current professionals. His answer was, "we played for the name on the front of the uniform and not on the back."

Adrian, the Vikings owe you nothing. They are your employer and have paid you handsomely to perform for their team. The fans owe you nothing. They make your profession possible. If you can find a job in the working world that pays (average for life of contract $14.38 million a year) good luck! In the real business world, if you are charged with child abuse you might lose your job.

This victim mentality you are demonstrating makes me sick. You brought this all on yourself by your actions. The Vikings and their fans didn't put a switch in your hand and tell you to hit your child causing cuts and bruises in several areas of the boy's body. Take ownership of your actions and honor your part of the contract. Play for the name on the front of the uniform. It's the Minnesota Vikings not the Peterson Vikings.

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