Rep. John Petersburg was a guest on AM 1390's Talk of the Town. He expressed hope that a bonding bill will finally be achieved, which would include transportation money for Highway 14 from Owatonna to Dodge Center. He awaits the possible calling of a special session by Gov. Mark Dayton.

One piece of legislation that he enjoyed working on was the petition from the Willow Creek sixth-graders requesting that a monument in memory of the six workers killed building the old capital be included at the newly renovated capital. The deadline came before action could be taken last year. However this year both houses passed the legislation and it sits on the governor's desk. During the just-completed session, six of the sixth-graders gave a mini bio of each of the six workers who lost their lives.

Peterson was happy to report that the income tax will be eliminated on military pensions. Minnesota was one of just five states that still taxed these pensions.

He is also looking forward to Minnesota instituting a primary election. This will be just a presidential primary, however, with caucuses still remaining in place for other levels of government.elections.

Petersburg will be hosting a Town Hall meeting tonight, May 25, from 5-7PM at the Sportsman's Grill of Owatonn