Many of you know by now that I participate in Rendezvous. No, get your mind out of the gutter, it's not that. Rendezvous Camps are people that get together and re-enact what a fur trade camp may have been like in the 1840s.

We get together to share good and bad stories, laugh and cry, have fun and live like they did back then in canvas tents, wearing period clothing, cooking over an open fire. The only difference is that even though there is still some actual trading that goes on for goods and services, most of the time we pay money.

This past weekend we were part of the Whitson Family Farm, which is 5 miles west of Cannon Falls on Highway 19. There were 86 campsites. I don't know the total number of people we had, but it was great.

On Memorial Day we took time to remember all of

John Anderson Photo

those who gave their lives for their country. It gets to be a pretty emotional service. We have an Honor Guard Militia that handles the gun salute.(The group in the main picture.). And Lisa Mae (second photo), did a wonderful job leading the service.