It was a humid July 4 a few years ago. I had taken a number of my friends and family out to the town of Delano to see their fireworks. We got there, took in the carnival and proceeded to make our way over to the big space to watch the fireworks. It was a pretty good display.  As we were watching we noticed that smoke from the fireworks was not dissipating rapidly and was combining with some fog that was coming in. It started to become hard to see the ground effects that were being done. Then it became hard to see the other side of the field. As the show ended, it became difficult to see where you were walking. You would look down and sometimes not be able to see your feet. It was like out of an old horror movie.

Kids would drift away from us a bit as we tried to find the truck, and they would disappear if they got too far from us. A few cars banged into each other leaving. We waited until everyone had left. I had my oldest son with a flashlight walk out in front of the truck so I could see where I was going. He got too far ahead one time and I had to go really slow so I would not hit him. Finally we started to get into some clearing so we could find our way out.

I hope your holiday is fun and safe wherever you go.