May 6 happens to be a date when a lot of interesting things occurred in Major League Baseball.

We'll start with 1903. The Chicago White Sox committed a whopping 12 errors in one game against Detroit.

100 years ago today a young man by the name of Babe Ruth hit his first Major League home run. He later hit a few more.

The American League handed out its first MVP award in 1922, and on May 6, 1929. they ceased doing so. Under league rules, player-coaches and previous winners were ineligible. These restrictions caused the league to stop issuing these awards. The American League then adopted the voting system used by the National League and the MVP award returned for the 1931 season.

The odds of seeing even one triple in a game are quite high. However, on May 6, 1933, the Red Sox had four consecutive batters hit triples! It was part of a 12-run inning and the Sox wound up with five triples for the day.

Here's a name very few remember, Bobo Holloman. He made his debut in '53 with the Browns, and on May 6, 1953, he earned his first major league start. He no-hit the A's. He won two more games and was out of the majors by the first of August. Three career wins but one was a no-hitter.

May 6 was one of those memorable dates in baseball history.

How's your baseball team doing this year? My Milwaukee Brewers have eight wins, that's three more than Bartolo Colon! Oh my, it's going to be one of those seasons.