Wind, rain, low humidity, high humidity, sun, clouds. Rarely has there been this much variety in the weather, or people in sweatshirts, during the Steele County Fair

I hope you still had a great time at the fair. I didn't mind the cooler conditions. Though I could have done without the sideways rain. I like the food and displays but my biggest enjoyment is running into people that I might not have seen since last year's fair. Randy and Kathy Burris of American Pie have been part of the Steele County Fair for 18 years. I enjoy chatting with them about their summer. Randy told me they hadn't gotten rained on at any of their events in 2015. Looks like their luck ran out Saturday night.

It's good to talk to the local sports fans that I see at the games but don't always have the opportunity to visit with there. I interview a number of 4-H and FFA students each year, and some many years in a row. It's fun for me to learn a bit more about the animals they show and where they come up with their ideas for their projects.

The Village of Yesteryear fascinates me each year. Much stays the same. But there is always something new. I handle the daily broadcast of the Village Show on the air and I like talking to the members of the Steele County Historical Society about the events they are running during the fair, plus the upcoming activities.

The variety of music available at the fair should satisfy all tastes. I spent time listening to the '50s and '60s music of American Pie, the Motown sound of Funktion Junction, the yodeling of Fleming Fold, local performers DeKam and Johnson, emerging Twin Cities country artist Jake Jones and the keyboard play of Owatonna High School sophomore Greta Jacobson, among others.

Ladies Nail Driving was a success again. Only one person hit their finger with a hammer and none of the nails that went flying injured anyone. Tammy Larson is a frequent participant in the contest, but won the overall weekly honor for the first time. Her time was about 24 seconds.

I had food, fun and I heard a few screams in 2015.