I worked for KKIN Radio in Aitkin from 1984-93. Steve Sandberg went to school in Aitkin and in 1991 became a member of the Aitkin County Sheriff's Department. Aitkin at the time was a town of a little over 1,700 people. Sandberg was a coach for Aitkin High School before he got into law enforcement, so I am sure at some point we crossed paths.

Natallia Hudyma

As I have looked at the pictures of him in the news this week, his smile looks so familiar. And it's so touching to see today the high school gym is filled. And more people than could probably fit inside. It does not surprise me however, how many officers come from everywhere to pay their respects to an officer most of them didn't know but are part of the "family." It seems such a waste that this man would go out this way. But I don't think this man I really didn't know would think so.

Thank you for your service, Steve, and R.I.P.