How about this for a coincidence? That doesn't look right to me, but I did double check it.

I told my husband about finishing Stephen King's "Pet Sematary." To summarize, the story is about a family cat that is killed by a truck on a busy highway and the neighbor takes the dad to this mysterious graveyard. Well, then the family cat comes back, but stinky and not so graceful. Then the dad asks the neighbor if people have ever been buried there? It's Stephen King, what do you think?

On with the story, my husband then proceeds to tell about a family cat, Bart, that was hit by a car and the owner and neighbor found it lifeless and buried it.

Well, Bart the cat has dug itself out of its grave and five days later found its way to the neighbors, dehydrated and weak. So, they took the cat to the humane society to get veterinary care.

The humane society says Bart is being treated for a broken jaw, open facial wounds and an eye wound. After surgeries, Bart is expected to return home.

So, great for the cat, but how many lives did he use?

On a side note, my husband mentioned that maybe I won't have to write blogs down before I type them in. But I don't think I can type as fast as my wandering thoughts appear, and then I might forget what that complete thought was and then it may not make any sense. I guess wandering thoughts don't make sense anyway. We will see, I guess, if I have to. Red Green, sort of.

The sun is shining above...Think Happy Thoughts.