A $100 Target gift card could come in handy, right? Here's a chance to enter to win.

Maybe put it toward a big-ticket item.

Or it could be some fun money, a spending spree for an outfit or three with accessories ... shoes for the whole family. Furniture? You could check out a few gadgets that might or might not work.

A Target gift card could be used for pet supplies, music or movies, too.

How about a new phone? Or something to eat. Then there's the practical side by buying what is on the list. It could also be a gift.

Right now, two gift cards for Target are available.

It is pretty easy to register. Sign up to become a Kat Kountry 105 VIP, then just click away on the contest entry boxes. Each option you click earns you another entry, up to nine total entries.

Good luck!

The contest information as to when it ends by days plus hours and the actual date is listed. Just a side note, check out the other gift cards by clicking on the "Win Stuff" tab.

Did I mention ... good luck!