A number of country stars have had their lives altered by family members in fatal traffic accidents. Here's a look at a few.

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    Blake Shelton

    In 1990, Blake Shelton, then age 14, lost his half-brother, age 24, in a fatal accident. Blake and older brother Richie had the same mother. In 2012, Blake and then-wife Miranda Lambert won a CMA for the song "Over You," which was about Blake's brother.

    Blake lost an older brother in a traffic accident.
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    George Strait

    George was still early in his career when he lost his daughter Jennifer in a car accident in 1986. She was a passenger in a car with three others that flipped. None of the occupants was wearing a seat belt. Jennifer was partially ejected.

    A young George Strait lost a daughter in a car accident.
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    Luke Bryan

    Perhaps the most known of country stars to have lost family members in traffic accidents is Luke Bryan. Luke lost his older brother, Chris, in 1996. The accident occured just days before Luke was planning to move to Nashville. He decided to remain at home but later at the urging of his father, he made the trip to Nashville where he launched his career.

    Luke delayed his move to Nashville after the death of his brother Chris
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    Toby Keith

    In 2001, Toby Keith's father, Hubert Covel's pickup was hit by a car and then struck by a charter bus. The Covel family was awarded wrongful death damages as the bus driver did not have a commercial driver's license and the bus was in dire need of brakes.

    Toby Keith lost his father in a car/ bus accident.
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    Brantley Gilbert

    As far as I know, Brantley hasn't lost a family member in a traffic accident. However, Brantley himself came close to dying in a wreck. At age 19, he climbed into his pickup after drinking. Gilbert flipped the truck several times, hit a tree and he was ejected through the back window. Miraculously he landed on his feet. A very, very close call indeed.

    Brantley came close to losing his life in a pickup crash