Wisconsin is known as the "cheesehead" state. But we know our cheese in Minnesota, too. Here are some popular cheesemakers and their products in no particular order. Some are right here in our backyard!


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    Alemar Cheese Co., Mankato

    Founded in 2008, they produce cheeses like Bent River, their flagship cheese, made in the style of Camembert. Good Thunder is a washed-rind square loosely inspired by Reblochon. It is washed in Surly Bender beer, cultures and salt. Fromage Blanc is a fresh cheese that will last for at least three weeks in your fridge. Found in many French larders, it is prized for its smooth texture and bright acidity. Their newest cheese, Blue Earth, is a bright, grassy, buttery and versatile Brie. The two-and-a-half pound wheels allow the cheese to ripen slowly.

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    The Caves of Faribault

    Caves of Faribault honors a tradition of Minnesota Blue Cheese that dates back to the 1930’s. Resurrecting America’s first Blue Cheese plant, Caves of Faribault makes Amablu and St. Pete’s Select Blue Cheeses from rBST-free raw cow’s milk in open vats using an original recipe developed by Felix Frederiksen in 1936. All Caves of Faribault cheeses are aged in their sandstone caves, whose unique cool and humid environment is ideal for blue cheese.

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    Eichten's Hidden Acres, Center City

    Eichten's Hidden Acres is a family owned company that has been producing award-winning artisan cheeses and American bison products on their dairy farm since 1976. They specialize in Dutch Gouda, including their popular Tomato Basil and Hot Chipotle, Tilsit and Gourmet Gouda Spread. All of their cheese is made on the farm from fresh cow's milk.

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    Prairie Hollow Farm, Elgin, Minn.

    They aim to provide their customers with delicious, wholesome food and to brighten their day with words of encouragement. They bring customers the exquisite flavors of southeastern Minnesota through their cheese, bread, vegetables, beef and pork -- all produced naturally on the family farm.

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    Shepard's Way Farms, Northfield

    They believe in hard work, creativity, respect for the land and animals, and a focus on family and friends. The small family farm was originally based in rural Carver County, but relocated in 2001 to just outside of Northfield, Minn., right across from the Big Woods State Park. Shepherd’s Way Farms has a flock of about 200 dairy ewes and is an active part of the local food community.

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    Singing Hills Goat Dairy, Nerstrand

    It is a small artisan goat cheese dairy farm that produces fresh chevre, feta, curds and yogurt from its on-farm certified cheese plant. The Singing Hills Dairy goat herd can be found on 25 acres of rolling grassland that borders Big Woods State Park. Singing Hills Dairy is committed to sustainable farming and humane animal husbandry practices.