Why complain about winter when there are parts of it to enjoy. Although a couple of these items also signal the end of winter in Minnesota.


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    High School Hockey

    High school hockey is a Minnesota treasure, especially the state tournament. Plus spring is right around the corner by the time playoffs arrive. See highlights of the 2015 tournament by clicking above.

    Roy Koenig, Townsquare Media
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    Being Snowed In

    Assuming you are not stuck on a highway, there is something cozy about being snowed in. We all know the excitement of waking up to find out school is canceled and everyone should have great memories of playing in the snow. Click on the link above to see a Washington, D.C., zoo panda bear frolicking in the snow.

    Roy Koenig, Townsquare Media
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    Binge Watching

    If snowed in, you can feel less guilty about binge watching entire seasons of TV shows. I would like to recommend House of Cards and Breaking Bad. My son will toss Silicone Valley and Game of Thrones into the suggestion bin. My wife is partial to How to Make a Murderer, Orange is the New Black and that show with the talking dogI've included a link to a season one preview of House of Cards.

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    Family Game Time

    Unless you are snowed in, how is it possible to complete a game of RISK?

    Roy Koenig, Townsquare Media
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    Minnesota Twins Caravan

    The annual winter caravan at the end of January is a good way to set the tone for spring training to begin in mid-February. Though frequently marred by bone-chilling temperatures or snowstorms, fans still turn out to fill the venue for the event.

    T.C. Bear and Dan Gladden of the Minnesota Twins on the Twins Caravan. Lisa Marie/Townsquare Media.