Surprise! Every once in a while you can find a few free usable items on Craigslist. You've still got to travel to the item and go through the work of loading it up and hauling it home but perhaps you'd consider it worth it, since it's free.

Actually here's the real reason I'm doing this, I'm curious to see how many people will take anything just because it's free. I put together a list of five items a few days ago, and before I could hit the "Publish" button, two of the items were already gone and removed from Craigslist. One of my free items for today disappeared within minutes as well.

Here we go, it is 10:53AM on Monday, March 21. Let's see how many of these items will be here by noon on the 21st.

  • 1


    This might come in handy if you just need a phone for an emergency. You do have to remember to buy and add minutes though.

    Here's a free cellphone.
  • 2

    Dog House

    Humane Societies can use these for their Foster Pet Parents.

    Maybe a Humane Society could use this? Craigslist photo
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    Ask an auctioneer. They'll tell you the time to get a good deal is the offseason. Need a lawn mower? Buy one at auction in the winter. Need a snow blower? Of course, buy one at a summer auction. The same holds true for skis. Go ahead and pick these up and wait six months

    If you want to try cross country skiing but you don't want to make the investment till you know if you like it, here you go. Remember you'll need to find boots that fit. Craigslist photo
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    Gas Grill

    It says it's banged up a bit but works. Might be a backup grill or maybe one for the cabin?

    Here's a free gas grill. Craigslist photo
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    Here's a free bathroom scale. I'd be tempted to pick this one up but I see it works. I'd prefer one like my treadmill, in non-working order. Less stress that way.

    Here's a free scale and it works. Craigslist photo