With the nice weather seemingly here to stay you may go for a Sunday cruise. Several Owatonna intersections will help keep your navigation skills sharp.

A couple of these are just very busy intersections. With the post office, library, Federated and Jostens all sharing spots at North Elm and Broadway there are many reasons to be there. County Road 45 and 26th Street Northeast is an extremely popular place to be during rush hour.

Owatonna features a couple of interesting Y intersections. Grove, Havana and Austin Road come together in a way to make newcomers do a double-take. Just what does a left turn signal mean when traveling south on Grove? The South Cedar split with Oak is no big deal if northbound. But be patient if you are going south on Cedar and want to turn left.

The Highway 14 construction led to the creation of a roundabout at 39th Avenue. I like roundabouts. I realize I am probably in the minority. I will go out of my way to use them. However I rarely take the Clark Griswald approach from European Vacation. Owatonna doesn't have many roundabouts, yet. One thing to remember in a roundabout is don't stop to let someone in to the roundabout. I have had people do that to me. Also don't stop when entering a roundabout if there is no need to. The Minnesota Department of Transportation offers tips on using roundabouts. I wonder if a roundabout would help with the congestion at County Road 45 and Northwest 26th Street.