There is still a chance of snow in the forecast, but spring training is underway and there are several reasons to be excited for the Twins baseball season!

And remember, you can listen to the Minnesota Twins on KRFO AM 1390!

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    Target Field

    Target Field consistently ranks as one of the top ballparks in the U.S. It opened in 2010, is located downtown, which makes it easy to plan a day or entire weekend around your game, and you can take public transit directly to the ballpark.

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    Rally cap

    Even if we lose today’s game, that’s just a reason to pull out a great baseball tradition — that rally cap! Hoping to turn a game around by wearing your hat inside out is a fashion statement reserved for fans of baseball.

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    The weather

    The weather might not be ideal at this moment, but the start of baseball season is a sign that spring is coming! Soon you’ll be watching the game in the warm sunshine, and even as fall approaches, bundling up and watching a game is a great way to spend the last few days before winter.

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    Baseball greats

    You can see statues of baseball greats like Kirby Puckett and Harmon Killebrew. Also not to be missed is the huge Golden Glove!

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    The fans

    Being a baseball fan gives a sense of community. Cheering together for the hometown team gives you a common goal, and when you see someone sporting your team’s gear, an obvious conversation starter.

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    Anything can happen

    It’s a long season and anything can happen. That means even a team with the roughest of starts has a chance to turn things around. Everyone lives busy lives and sometimes it’s hard to find time for everything, and a longer season also means that you have more chances to watch the game.

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    The superstitions

    All the superstitions. Baseball is possibly the most superstitious sport out there, and while you may not believe in the Curse of the Bambino, it adds an additional dimension to the game.

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    The food and drinks

    It’s not just peanuts and crackerjacks any more. Target Field has something for everyone. New food options include the bacon tot dish, a Bloody Mary served with a slice of pizza, tacos, Indian dishes like Alloo Gobi, cucumber lemonade and more.

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    The rivalries.

    Usually in good fun, the atmosphere and crowd excitement is off the charts when playing a long-standing rival team (*cough* all of baseball vs. the Yankees)!

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    All the neat collectible promotional items. This year, the Twins have some awesome items for game attendees including the sweatshirts, bags, and more.

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